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After a wonderful summer of traveling and catching up with family and friends, I am back on the road in Salt Lake City, Utah for my company debut with Utah Opera. I will be playing the role of the famous bullfighter, Escamillo. This is a role that is quickly becoming a staple in my repertoire and I enjoy the character immensly. While I have been in Salt Lake City, I have reunited with my mentor who helped me prepare and encouraged me to pursue a musical career. Ken Uy has been a dear friend of mine for over 16 years and has made a tremendous influence in my development as a singer and person. It has been wonderful catching up and taking road trips to Arches National Park and exploring the fall foliage here in Cache National Forest. One of the perks of traveling is that occasionally you get a break from the loneliness of the road and get to reunite with old friends.

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